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According to GWEC, as of the end of 2013, the top ten countries of global cumulative installed capacity were: China, America, Germany, Spain, India, England, Italy, France, Canada, Denmark. Among these, the added installed capacity of China was 91,472 MW which accounts for 28.7% of the worlds’ entire new additions in wind capacity. However, the sharp increase did not bring into correspondence with wind enterprises’ profit performance. Evensome giants wind groups’ profits have already plunged and lots of wind farm projects are no longer profitable in some severe brownouts areas.
So, how to break out of this predicament?
Along with the quick development of science and technology and the constant maturity of wind industry’s commercial operation, IT solutions are now becoming significant methods on wind power enterprises’ daily operation. How to build an effective operation management mode, reduce cost and keep wind farms safe and reliable running? Informatization degree is turning to be a strong support to enhance core competitiveness in wind energy industry. Under this circumstance, World Wind Power Informatization (China) Forum will be held on 16- 17, April, 2015 in Shanghai, China which will gather wind power designers, EPC companies, operators, equipments suppliers, IT solution providers and etc to have deep discussions on how to enhance the wind farm operating effectiveness and reduce costs based on the practical requirements of wind enterprises.
  • Smart Wind Farm Design, Operation and Maintenance
  • Smart Wind Power Enterprise Management
  • Smart Wind Energy Software Application
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